Gado Gado Sauce


Gado-gado ( Indonesian or Betawi ), also known as Lotek ( Sundanese and Javanese ), is an Indonesian salad [1] of slightly boiled , blanched or steamed vegetables and hard-boiled eggs , boiled potato, fried tofu and tempeh , and lontong (rice wrapped in a banana leaf), served with a peanut sauce dressing. [2] [1] [3] In 2018, gado-gado is promoted as one of 5 national dishes of Indonesia. [4]

The best way to learn about a new cuisine is from those born and raised in that country, and that’s why I have Pepy of Indonesia-Eats as the guest writer for Indonesian food today. Pepy is the first Indonesian food blogger I know and I’ve since learned so much about Indonesian cuisine from her blog at Indonesia-Eats .In this guest post, Pepy explains the different preparations of Gado-gado and shares with us her recipe. Please welcome her to Rasa Malaysia.

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